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Right To Rent

This recent development has left many International Assignees concerned about renting their UK properties out while abroad and facing possible penalties under the new “right to rent regulations”.
Sadly while this is an unfortunate development necessitated by the influx of illegal immigrants, it has impact on the vetting procedure of potential tenants, at Gerson Relocation we carefully vet our tenants during lease negotiation.
Tenancy Management and Lease negotiation.
Foreign nationals renting residential property in certain areas of the UK should be prepared to provide their immigration documents to landlords, who will soon be required to check such documents to comply with a new law meant to curtail illegal immigration.

Residential landlords in the UK will soon be required to check prospective tenants’ documents to ensure they are legally present in the country, according to a provision of the new Immigration Act 2014. Conducting such checks is a defence to a violation of the law.

This new provision is designed to make it more difficult for immigration offenders to stay in the UK, and it is hoped it will also prevent the rental of overcrowded accommodations.

This provision will apply in Birmingham, Walsall, Sandwell, Dudley and Wolverhampton starting December 1, 2014. Certain arrangements, such as student accommodations and mobile homes, are exempt from the requirement. Landlords who do not comply with the rule may face fines of up to £ 3,000.

The Home Office expects to continue with the phased introduction of the rule across the UK next year. More information about the rent check rule is available online, including a free online service to confirm whether someone has the right to rent
Source of Report: Fragomen
If there is any further information required please do not hesitate to contact Gerson Relocations.


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