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London Demographics Uncover Changes In Overseas Removals

On our relocation blog this week at Gerson Relocation, we’re focusing on an interesting story one of our management team came across – regarding expanding mobility.
We came across this story in the Daily Mail and wanted to discuss it further.

The story in the Daily Mail highlights that one in three people currently living in London – with a total population of 8.6 million – are now born outside the UK.
The map of London in the story is of particular interest and highlights concentrations of certain populations by borough within London today.
This means that the numbers of people moving to London for career relocation purposes has hit a new high – and also highlights changes in the overall global mobility sector as we head into 2016.
This also impacts overseas removals, one of our core commercial areas.
The story highlights expanding mobility into London, with new employee talent arriving from India where hiring new employees is cheaper than from mainstream Europe. Global mobility is a hot topic to consider once again.
As a leading overseas shipping company in London, we can see that when incoming talent is cheaper, the overall policy for international removals is also cheaper, as well as reduced costings on the overall policy for corporate clients. Industry is now driving the biggest change in UK population ever seen.
The news story from the Daily Mail got us thinking about human capital management, and how this is changing in our capital city at the moment.
Are you looking to hire employee talent from overseas during 2016? If so, maybe an informal chat with our international removals experts could help.
If you’d like to find our more about Gerson Relocation and our corporate relocation, domestic relocation, international moving and global mobility services, please feel free to contact us here.

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