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It’s Good To Be Green!

As part of an ongoing policy of improvement, Gerson Relocation has taken the decision to review and update its fleet car policy and has decided to implement a ceiling on CO2 emissions at 120 grams per kilometre on all company vehicles.

Niall Mackay – Managing Director comments; ‘As an organisation we are committed to ensuring that our policies and working practices both respect and reflect the attitudes and ethics of the companies we work with. It was with this in mind and with the vast majority of our company fleet due for renewal during 2012, we took the decision to look very closely at the range of vehicles we were running, their cost and ultimate impact on the environment. With the huge developments in technology and design, we’ve found it quite easy to introduce a fleet producing an average of 101 grams per kilometre CO2 emissions, ensure that our company car drivers are still able to select a car that meets all of there business and family needs; whilst at the same time offering savings in personal tax liabilities and reducing quite significantly our annual payments with respect to congestion charges..’

CO2e Assessed
We have recently been CO2e assessed by Carbon Footprint Ltd. Here is a breakdown of our Carbon footprint:


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