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Moving to Miami


    How to Move to Miami Successfully

    International moves are a big leap, particularly somewhere as far away from the UK as the USA. Before making any steps in the process, it’s essential to know what you’re getting into. Researching your prospective destination is a critical first step.

    Famous across the world over for being a popular, sunny beach destination, Miami might also surprise you as an excellent location for expats. Moving to Miami Beach can be an excellent shift in lifestyle to 24/7 fun in the sun, with excellent entertainment and lifestyle for those bold enough to relocate. Outside of beaches and party spots, Miami is also one of the best locations in the UK to see art, enjoy culture, and explore wildlife.

    If you’re considering the USA as your new home, take a look at our guide to moving to the USA from the UK, full of useful visa advice and other moving tips.

    Culture in Miami

    Miami is a true melting pot of nationalities, with large percentages of the population hailing from Cuba, Central America, the Caribbean and more. This makes for fascinating art, music, and food across the city, all huge aspects of Miami’s character. It also means that Spanish is commonly spoken around Miami – even knowing a few slang words could get you further in conversion than you might expect.

    Another thing to expect from moving to Miami is the style. Miami has a very modern and fashionable style, with celebrities and the very rich often choosing to live and enjoy nights out here. You should be aware of the inconsistencies with wealth in the city before relocating to Miami.

    Cost of Living in Miami, Florida

    A huge part of knowing how to move to Miami is learning about the price tag. In such a densely populated and well-liked place to live, the cost of living in Miami is high. Finding affordable housing that meets your needs, particularly for larger households, can be a challenge. Rent is often extremely high, calculated to be around 15% higher than prices in London (Numbeo).

    For a one-bedroom apartment in Miami, around $3,000 can be expected monthly for rent. Rent prices vary depending on your location throughout the city, meaning apartments can be found costing far higher or far lower than the average of $3,000. If you are relocating to Miami for work, you should ensure that your wages cover the cost of adequate accommodation for your time there.

    When considering costs other than housing, these tend to rival London prices, which are around 17% higher than the USA national average. Groceries can cost a little more than the average US citizen might expect to, which extends to restaurants too. Here are just a few examples of average Miami living costs.

    • Restaurant meal – $16.98 / £13.96
    • Liter of beer – $6.00 / £4.93
    • Liter of milk – $1.12 / £0.92
    • 12 eggs – $3.84 / £3.16
    Palm trees of Miami Beach with Miami’s skyline against the sunset on the horizon

    Where to live in Miami

    With so many neighbourhoods to choose from, moving to a new city in the USA can be daunting. Choosing where to live in Miami is a big decision. From neighbourhood to neighbourhood, everything from crime rates to property prices can vary dramatically. Let’s take a look at just a few of the options for accommodation in Miami.

    • Bal Harbour: Luxury area in Miami Beach, great for young professionals with excellent shopping facilities and nightlife.
    • Mid Beach: From 25th to 63rd street, popular among tourists but also a relaxing family-friendly location in Miami.
    • Coconut Grove: Oldest neighbourhood in Miami, complete with Italian-style architecture, cute cafes, and excellent walkability.
    • Pinecrest: With a more relaxed, community, village-feel to it. Great outdoor areas, including parks and a nearby nature preserve.

    Getting around in Miami

    Cities with dense populations always struggle with traffic and congestion. Miami is no exception. Driving through downtown Miami and finding parking spaces can be stressful and difficult. You should always consider the costs of parking as well as maintaining your vehicle in a foreign city. However, cars are not the only option for getting around the city and suburban areas.

    Cycling is a popular method of transport in Miami, particularly among locals. This can be a far less stressful and quicker way to get around during rush hour periods, not to mention good exercise and better for the environment.

    There are also local buses that run between centre city areas and residential streets, so there is always a way to get to where you need to go. Commuter trains, the Metrorail and the Metromover, run from northern and southern suburbs into Downtown Miami at regular intervals.

    Summer vintage miami instagram day

    Things to do in Miami

    Tourists flock to the city of Miami year-round for its spectacular weather and range of activities. While you may simply imagine sandy beaches and all-night parties, these are not the only draws to the Miami area.

    Getting active in Miami is easy, with an array of outdoor spaces to play sports, work out, enjoy yoga, and also a variety of water sports on offer. The art scene in Miami is also spectacular, with theatres and galleries of high quality all over the city. Art lovers, particularly lovers of modern art and deco, can even find incredible buildings dotted around Miami with unique styles and influences. Last but not least, the Miami food scene is incredible. Restaurants are well-known for a unique blend of foreign infusions, definitely another draw to this vibrant city.

    Miami beach ocean view

    If you’re relocating to Miami, you may be looking for an international relocation company to assist. At Gerson Relocation, our team of experts have extensive experience in handling moves across the globe. Get in touch today to learn more.

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