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International Relocation Services – Making Life Easier for Expats

Moving for work has become a regular occurrence for many years and international relocation continues to grow as companies expand globally. One of the most common reasons for moving is to work for an international branch of the same organisation, but some people move for a new career opportunity. However, undertaking such a huge move can be challenging and also a daunting task with lots of planning and organising to make sure it runs smoothly. That’s why it is important that businesses work with a good International Relocation Service company to make the lives of their employees easier as they become expats.

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First Step for Moving Abroad

One of the first things you should do if you have an employee that is moving abroad, is to get in touch with an international relocation service. Gerson Relocation are specialists in international relocation and we have moved people all over the world, but each move is different. There are some key factors we will need to know such as if your employee is moving on their own or with a family and how long they will be living abroad. This way we can give you professional advice and tailored information based on the country in mind.

Visa and Work Permit Support

The next step you will need to take in order to move an employee abroad to another country is to make sure that they have the right to work and reside. Every country is different and they each have their own restrictions and requirements. A professional international relocation team can help provide you with advice on business relocation and can make sure that your employee has the right visa and permits. Some people may also need to apply for family visas too which is why it is important for us to understand the specific needs and requirements. Consider a few things at this step;

  • How long will your employee be staying in the host country?
  • Who are they moving to the country with?
  • What country are they moving from and which immigration restrictions are in place?

Storage Services in the UK

Often, employees relocate to another country for a short period of time to complete a work assignment, such as helping to establish an international branch. These assignments are often for a shorter length of time such as one year so it’s likely they will return to residence in the UK once this has been completed. In this instance, your employee may wish to store some items in a secure storage unit.


Finding a Home Abroad

One of the main considerations you should make when looking for accommodation for your employee is to think about how many people are living there. You will also need to know the duration of stay. If they are moving to another country for a short period and are moving alone, then you might only need to find a small apartment. But if they are planning on moving with a family then you will need to find something bigger and preferably something close to a local school. We can help your employee settle down by providing expert advice on local areas, local transport routes and helping find spaces in local schools for children.

These are some of the main concerns you should be thinking about when moving an employee internationally but there are also plenty more. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help, or learn more about our core services.

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