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HR & Global Mobility Teams Need To Review Intra-Company Transfers

This week at Gerson Relocation we’re looking at an item from leading industry magazine Recruiter which caught our eye, covering developments in the area of Intra-Company Transfers (ICTs).

The full article is available here, and well worth a read.

The subject of ICTs is a complex one at the best of times, and with the Government still unclear on how they are looking at ICTs this could impact on how companies look at using this to bring in specialist employees and executive talent in the future.

The article highlights that a Government committee is currently reviewing the widely-used practice by international companies of using ICTs, and it could be threatened in 2016.

The formal and legal banning of ICTs might not impact some companies, whilst other businesses could suffer serious and negative implications of ICTs came to an end this year.

The ability to internally transfer executive talent on projects for multi-national companies is a rapid and cost-effective way to retain and develop existing talent within an organisation. It also encourages global mobility in business, and provides a launching platform for careers.

As leading international movers, we believe that it’s an important element in any global mobility policy, and if it provides a speedy and efficient way of delivering talent on an international project, it’s beneficial. If some businesses utilise other means, that’s fine too.

We’re not going to pass judgement one way or the other on the potential loss of ICTs, but we are monitoring it carefully and will continue to advise our clients on a case-by-case basis.

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