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How Corporate Relocation Services are Supporting Global Brands

Have you been thinking about globalising your brand? Globalisation brings a wide range of benefits to your organisation. The products and services of global brands can be recognised worldwide, with companies using a very similar marketing strategy to promote themselves in each country or region. 

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What are the benefits of going global?

New revenue – Globalising your brand will give you access to a far larger reach of customers. Enjoy increased revenues from new customers living in new regions, even if you have saturated your markets drastically.

More talent – Get access to a large new pool of potential employees with a unique skill set. Potential hires may be hard to find in your home country, so globalising will give you an edge over your competitors.

Improved reputation – Global brands have a reputation of power. Successful global brands can enjoy the prestige of calling themselves an international company, again placing your organisation a step ahead of competitors.

New culture – Having a more detailed understanding of people from other countries may give you a new perspective on customer relationships. It may also help you work better with domestic customers and clients. You may wish to hire a cultural consultant to help you. 

Brands enjoy much greater success when placed on a global scale, but how do you get your brand to that stage? It takes much more than just a working website to get started. 

Many global brands maximise their global reach by relocating their current skilled employees into countries with the most potential. For this initial step of your global journey, you may wish to seek the help of a corporate relocation service provider.

How corporate relocation services can help

There are many challenges and expectations placed upon Global Mobility teams. The physical transportation of employees across the globe should be smooth running. Ensuring that you have the right people, in the right location, and at the right time, can be a challenge for HR teams. This is more prevalent when juggling other priorities, such as complex compliance requirements and additional pressures from your employees.

Corporate relocation services can help provide you with a service to ensure that this pressure is lifted from your shoulders.

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Gerson Relocation provides tailored relocation programmes to suit you and your employees’ needs when relocating internationally. Here are just some of the ways a relocation company like us can support you and your team, throughout the process of going global. 

Global relocation support – Corporate relocation services work with a diverse range of clients in a variety of industry sectors, helping them move to and from locations worldwide. We can provide full relocation services globally or across EMEA, the US or APAC.

Relocation services – There is an entire range of factors to consider when moving your people across the globe. We have a range of advisory experts, immigration partners, local home consultants, education specialists, packing crews and storage experts to provide every service to you and your employees. It is vital to ensure that your teams feel at home when relocating, so make sure to select a relocation service that covers every small detail. Our Destination Service team can help your employee create a new plan of life in their new country.

Immigration coordination – Resolving visa and immigration issues can be a long and complex task to manage. Through close coordination, we can ensure that your employee has the necessary documentation needed for their relocation.

Group solutions – If you are globalising your brand on a much larger scale, a corporate relocation service can provide you with group solutions tailored to your teams. Our team specialises in group relocations and can help you plan for all of the costs involved. 

If you are planning on globalising your brand and are in need of support, find out more about our wide range of Employee Relocation Services, or get in touch with one of our specialists today. 

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