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How Does Global Mobility Affects Corporate Brand Reputation?

One area of global mobility that’s been on our radar recently at Gerson Relocation is that of the impact of global relocation on the area a company relocation leaves, as well as the area a business move is relocating into. Both are affected.

Our management team here at Gerson Relocation have come across a couple of useful articles highlighting and discussing the effects of corporate relocation. The impact of corporate moves cannot be under-estimated.
The first story here is concerned with the change created within a company on not only the employee relocation but also the locality in which the corporate movers are relocating into.
When considering corporate relocations, a company need to consider if the new area is going to have the executive talent needed to support the company – and if not, whether the global mobility policy needs to factor in a requirement to moving key talent. This can also affect the company image, Brand reputation and even stock market and share prices in the short-term.
At Gerson Relocation, our established expertise as a global mobility company specialising in global relocation, the subject of corporate moving is close to or hearts. It’s a core area of business, and we focus heavily on global relocations. Human capital management is big business on the world stage.
There is an increasing need for for global mobility services to have a consideration not only of the needs of the move on global talent, but also of the need to source local talent. The impact on the location of the company leaving it needs to be considered – for example leaving a Third World country can have a negative effect on corporate Brand reputation for a long time.
Global policy needs to consider both locations, and as experts in international mobility we’re well aware of the need for sensitivity in international relocation. This key consideration is part of our focus as an international removal company, and a second article confirms the role and importance of the UK as a hub for managed mobility services, with the news that global bank HSBC has decided to remain in the UK rather than relocate their operations abroad. The full story can be read here.
This story highlights that when it comes to mobility solutions, sometimes a corporate relocation is better off remaining in their current location: the HSBC example shows that the UK is still viewed as a major financial hub.
The Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank has given a huge thumbs-up for the UK in their decision not to move abroad, but to remain here and retain local talent. As a leading moving company in London, we ask our clients if they’re reviewing policy to see if a move out of the UK is beneficial overall for the company.
If your company is considering looking at relocation options, or wants to find out about how this can impact on your company on every level, contact us.
If you’d like to find our more about Gerson Relocation and our corporate relocation, domestic relocation, international moving and global mobility services, please feel free to contact us here.

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