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British Expats Invited To Give Their Views On Corporate Relocation

As experts in corporate relocation, at Gerson Relocation we place great importance on the feedback and comments of our clients, to ensure our corporate relocation services deliver the very best experience and results, time after time.

An interesting survey is currently being undertaken by HSBC on a newly-launched Expat Explorer website, dedicated to gaining information and insight from British expats on their experiences of relocating and living abroad.

The survey is open for new comments to be added.

Tracy Figliola, HSBC’s Head of Global Mobility, commented: “Global mobility service providers have to understand the customer and what is core to the expatriate. Global mobility has to keep up with what the issues are in order to respond: not just in terms of policy, but also in delivery.”

The new website for expats gives hints, tips and experiences around key areas, such as building social and professional networks in a new country, cultural dos and don’ts in specific countries, and healthcare and visa issues.

It’s well worth a look, particularly if you’re considering relocation abroad, or are in the process of moving overseas.

If you’d like to find our more about our corporate relocation services, please feel free to contact us.

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