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Our Graduate Relocations Make It Easy to Move Students Worldwide


Graduates need all the support they can get. Let Gerson Relocation do the job for you.

Moving graduates to new locations is an important part of getting the best upcoming talent in your workforce. To help support them throughout the move, graduates need to know they have a helping hand to guide them through the process. As part of our graduate relocation programmes, we provide a clear, easy way to move their belongings to any location on the planet with our Trunk Move services.

Our services provide graduates with a briefing process to help them move their personal belongings. We’ll provide a clear plan of action, a place for them to pack their items and a fast relocation service to get their items to wherever they’re moving to.

Moving graduates and their belongings is easy with our help. Get in touch with the team today.


About our graduate moving services

Each graduate has their own needs, which is why our service is built to be flexible. Packing items, moving to a new location and transporting items takes some significant time to plan as it is, but taking into account the specific needs of each graduate is a great way to make the process much easier. Here’s what we can provide:

  • Pre-move plans help us relocate your graduate and their items with outstanding accuracy and safety
  • Trunk Moves are an easy way to move the graduate’s belongings to any country in the world
  • The process is much less stressful, meaning your graduates can settle in faster

Benefits to you

  • Trunk Moves are far more cost-effective
  • Faster settling in times means your graduates can get started sooner, saving you money
  • We offer a 24/7 support service

Our graduate relocation services are built to ensure a stress-free move.

Get in touch with Gerson Relocation to find out more.


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